The Story of
The Laureate

Montgomery County’s pastoral edges anchored to the DC region’s thriving economy tell a story of American potential. A rich fabric of cultural enclaves, world-class public education, and transportation designed to connect communities, the Shady Grove area is at the heart of what makes MoCo incredible.


A laureate is a person honored due to their unparalleled contributions in an area of expertise. From astronomy to iambic pentameter, Maryland is home to two Nobel laureates, dozens of Pulitzer honorees, and is intentional in honoring those who contribute to community preservation, arts, and culture. The state’s own poet laureate program was created in 1959.

The poet laureate is not just a title or plaque on a wall. The Maryland Poet Laureate is specifically mandated by the governor to ensure that people in all geographic regions of Maryland have an opportunity to access poetry. The Poet Laureate of Maryland is a teacher of art and beauty, working to connect people with the work and with one another.

“Poetry is a matter of life, not just a matter of language.”

Lucille Clifton, MD Poet Laureate, 1974-1985


With a history of railroads and country roads turning to Metro stops and rails-to-trails, connecting Shady Grove with its neighbors and the world, The Laureate and its name honors our location. We are at the center of a dynamic and diverse community. By infusing the space with opportunities to connect, create, grow, and thrive, we are ready to help our residents become the laureate of their own unique and inspiring life stories.

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